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Ethical ticketing?

We believe ticketing should be fair, friendly and social.

Let’s be honest, there are dozens of ticketing solutions out there, but our DNA is different. Our values put people first and acknowledge that together we can create positive change in the world. So, as part of our mission, we’re committed to helping those in need.

Let's challenge the industry. #ethicalTicketing

Making an impact.

Every time your event sells a ticket, Ticketpass will donate 50% of the booking fees to charity projects around the world. Give Back 50

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Looking for charities!

Help them raise more funds from their events!

We admire people with big hearts. Running a charity is no easy task, and we want to help them raise more funds for their projects.

If you know a charity, suggest them to check out Ticketpass for their next event as they can recieve 50% of the booking fees that their event generates as part of our unique Give Back 50 programme. Learn more


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