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Register or sell as many tickets as you want! - The limit is the sky! ...or your venue restrictions =)
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Monitor your event registrations and ticket sales 24/7. See which tickets are sold and which are available in real-time.
Pay zero fees.
Don't pay any setup, monthly or annual fees. We never charge you for registering your attendees or selling tickets, get 100% of your ticket sales.
Create recurrent events.
Use our one-click feature to duplicate your event, set a new date, and you are ready to roll!
Create different tickets.
Choose between paid, free or donations and have different ticket types such as Early Bird, General and VIP – it’s your call.
Promote your event.
Share your unique event url on your website, Facebook page or Twitter. Let your fans drive your registrations and ticket sales!
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Collect money securely. Remove all friction and allow your attendees to buy your tickets online in just a few clicks.
Check-in your attendees.
Download a list of your attendees or check them in directly from your mobile phone - no app required!
Registration questionnaire.
Add additional questions to your event tickets to collect any specific information you need for your event.
Expert Advice.
Have questions setting up or managing your event? Our team will be happy to help you!
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Frequently asked questions,

Seriously, free?

Yes; as an Organiser you don’t pay any setup, monthly or annual fees. With Ticketpass you’ll receive 100% of your ticket sales. We organise events too and know how much time and effort you put into them. You shouldn’t be paying fees after all that!

How do tickets work?

When someone registers for your event or purchases a ticket, we’ll send them an email with your event details, a booking reference, and a unique QR code. You will be able to check them in online at the event entrance, or if you are old school, you can download and print a beautiful sheet with your attendees’ names and the ticket type they bought. Simple!

How do I collect my money?

As soon as your event ends, we’ll process your payment and arrange for it to be transferred to your account. We understand that in some cases you may need to access your sales revenue before the event in order to cover costs, in which case you can apply for early payment by verifying your identity here. Note that depending on your bank it can take a few working days for payments to show in your account.

If it's free, how can you afford coffee?

Ticketpass is completely free for organisers, our costs are covered by a handling fee charged on card payments when attendees purchase tickets.

Do I need to pay any processing fees?

Nope, we’ll take care of them. - Happy days! :)

Can I see an attendees list for my event?

Yes - you can view and download an attendee list from your event dashboard, where you can also track registrations and keep an eye on ticket sales 24/7.

Can I offer a discount to selected people?

Yes, you can! And it’s very simple. When creating your event tickets, in ‘advanced settings’ you can generate a discount code to share with whoever you like!

Will I be able to message my attendees?

Yes. If you need to communicate any information or updates you can do so easily through your dashboard.

Can I run private events?

Absolutely! When you create your event just select ‘private’ and your event will be hidden from the homepage and search function. You will still have your unique event URL to share it with only the people you want!

What if I have a recurring event?

Cry …with happiness! Because with one-click you can duplicate your event or enable automatic recurrence ;)

Got more questions? Ask us here