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Yes, but if you're organising an event in the near future or know someone who does, you do have the power to do social good.

If you host paid events, we will donate 50% of our booking fees to a charity project for every ticket your event sells! And if your events are free, you will be supporting a social responsible ticketing platform.

So, regardless of the event type, you've found a way to have an impact! Perhaps the simplest way to do social good. #ethicalTicketing

How to make an impact.


Create your event In a couple of minutes and with a few clicks. Create your event on Ticketpass - for free!


Take registrations / sell tickets Once created, share your event by email or social media and start promoting your tickets.


Make a difference While paid events directly impact through donations, free events will help reach more people! Either way, you'll be using an ethical ticketing platform for your event!

Pricing & donations

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50% donated to social causes50% donated

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