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Help fund charity projects at no extra cost.

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So you're here wondering what #ethicalTicketing is all about and just how your event could do social good. Well, Ticketpass works like any other ticketing platform. You can easily create your event and sell your tickets or take registrations. But unlike others, Ticketpass donates 50% of the booking fee to support charity projects around the world.

If you’re organising an event in the near future or know someone who is, you now have the opportunity do social good at no extra cost. Perhaps one of the easiest ways you can contribute to a better world.

Every event makes a difference.

Your event and your preference can change lives.

If you organise paid events, consider using Ticketpass because for every ticket your event sells we will donate 50% of our booking fee to a charity project that you or your attendees resonate with. That means you'd help fund a charity project without spending a single penny!
If your events are free, you can use Ticketpass to register your event attendees for free and also show your support towards a socially responsible ticketing platform. Additionally, it would help us spread the word, reach out more people and impact more lives.

Pricing & donations

Free events
Organiser fees
Attendee booking fees
50% donated to social causes50% donated
  • Ticketpass never charges the organiser for creating events.
  • The attendee's booking fee is capped at £5.00.
  • 50% of our booking fee will be donated to a charity project, the other half is to help us pay the costs of running the platform.

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