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Giving back the power to impact lives.

Every time you purchase a ticket, something great happens around the world.

World & Heart

We call it: Give Back 50

You are lucky, We are lucky. But the reality is that there are many people all around the world that need help.

So we have decided that every time you purchase a ticket, we will donate 50% of the booking fees to help people in need.

How Give Back 50 happens?


1. Purchase

Like any other day, purcahse the ticket to the event you want to go.


2. Select

Select a Charity project that resonates with you and would like to support.


3. Give

Done! Ticketpass will send 50% of the booking fee to the project you selected.

Improving lives

Thanks to our partners, we are able to support +19,000 projects in 170 countries around the world. Be part of the movement. #ethicalTicketing

Are you a Charity?

Use Ticketpass and raise more money!

We know you're fighting your own battle, and we are here to help!

If you are a registered Charity, you can request for Give Back 50 to support your cause and receive 50% of all booking fees that your event generates. You can learn more here.

Giving Charity
Supporting Charity

Not a Charity?

Cool! Your event still will make a difference at no extra cost.

When you host a paid event with Ticketpass, you will be empowering your attendees to help hundreds of social projects around the world! As we’ll donate 50% of our booking fees to the social projects they pick!

If your event is free, no problem. You’d help us reach more people! – Hey, maybe one of your attendees is also an organiser and would like to join the cause!

Create your event for free on ticketpass and be part of something bigger!

Create your event. Make a difference.

Organising an Event?

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